Silvi medieval village


Silvi medieval village

The medieval village that dominates the coast is the ancient part of Silvi. With its characteristic belvedere, it offers a spectacular view of the Adriatic coast and the mountains to the west; in the beautiful days it is possible to admire the unmistakable shape of the Gran Sasso. In the summer season in the ancient village are celebrated shows and events, such as the traditional party of “Lu Ciancialon”.

From the ancient village you can start towards the rolling hills of the interior to embark on genuine gastronomic paths and mouth-watering. In addition to the indispensable roasters, it is a duty to visit the many farms that offer typical dishes of Abruzzo cuisine. The landscape is dominated by vineyards and olive groves offering raw materials for delicious dishes. The lovers of good food can not taste spaghetti on the guitar and sea dishes such as the typical “fish soup”.

The town of Silvi, a few km north of Pescara, is a town overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Excellent starting point to discover the attractions of Abruzzo: to the south on the coast of the trabocchi, or inland to discover the characteristic medieval villages and the National Park of Abruzzo and Monti della Laga. The city of Silvi itself consists of two souls: the ancient village that dominates the coast from a hill, and the modern and touristy Silvi Marina that lies on the coast.

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