Scent of the sea, olive hills and sunset that frames the profile of a Sleeping Beauty lying on the horizon (alias, La Majella).

But also fun, vitality, not last, shopping.
Abandon the idea of the summer resort for families, arm yourself with a bicycle, straw bag, flip-flops and the desire to have fun. You will think about it later on lost sleep.

What will amaze you the most is the density of high-level boutiques and restaurants, to tell the truth, little has anything to do with a small provincial town. Well, resign yourself and after having spent a pleasant day at sea, having drunk a spritz on the beach to the rhythm of music, go into the streets of the center (without going through the house, of course).




In this OUTLET, which is inspired by the local villages in line with modern American lifestyle concepts, you can fulfill all your dreams thanks to discounts up to 70%.

Open all year round 7 days a week. Città Sant’Angelo Village makes your shopping unforgettable and engaging with constant attention to quality and savings. A cozy and comfortable place designed to meet your needs and your whims: 130 luxury boutiques, entertainment for children and 3.500 free parking spaces.





Over 20 years of experience in fashion and always looking at new trends in the market, to anticipate and live them as a protagonist.

These are the main characteristics that have made Citymoda one of the leading entrepreneurial companies in Southern Italy in the fashion retail sector, which offers clothing, footwear and multi-brand fashion accessories and is aimed at a medium-high customer target.

In July 2009 Citymoda opens its third concept store in Santa Teresa di Spoltore.