Cerrano Tower


Cerrano Tower

The Tower of Cerrano is just a few examples of the dense network of coastal fortifications of the Kingdom of Naples, which had the function of repelling the frequent attacks of Turks and Saracens coming from the sea.

The Tower of Cerrano is one of the ancient coastal towers of the Kingdom of Naples, located on the Adriatic coast, in the province of Teramo, between Silvi and Pineto.

Torre Cerrano, whose construction dates back to 1568, owes its name to the river of the same name, which descends from the hills of Atri and whose mouth is located 500 meters south of the tower, in the municipality of Silvi. The upper and lateral parts of the Tower are a more recent addition, made in the last century by the families who used it before the tower became the property of the Province of Teramo in 1981. According to historians Strabo and Sorricchio the archaeological remains facing the tower would be those of the port of the ancient Roman colony of Hatria, today’s Atri, a stopover for ships loaded with cereals coming from Puglia and Sicily and a place of loading for local wines going to Greece and to Aquileia in the north of the sea Hatriaticum.
Today the Tower, entrusted on loan to the Consortium of Management of the Protected Marine Area of ​​Torre del Cerrano and to the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Abruzzo and Molise, hosts the International Veterinary Training Center as well as the Library and the Sea Museum in preparation with the Info -point of the Protected Marine Area.

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